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Stay Civil Shirt

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An Eastern themed shirt. It started out as a shirt for the 97th some time in 2020 but got shelved until now. It's now a fundraiser for my good buddy Phil at Live American Yogi.

Phil and his family are trying to rebuild after their home and belongings were badly damaged during Hurricane Idalia. Sewage and saltwater flooded their home and sat for several hours, forcing them to evacuate.

They were forced to discard all of their furniture and appliances, toilets and furnishings, and will have to repair the majority of the drywall in their house. Donations will help them replace belongings, repair their house, and rebuild the family's future.

100% of the proceeds from this are going to Phil and his family.

If you would rather just donate the money and not get a shirt, check out his gofundme:

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